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by Shibby Pictures

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Free soundtrack of music featured in the feature-length film Longview. (Facebook.com/Longview)


released January 3, 2013


all rights reserved



Shibby Pictures Greensboro, North Carolina

Shibby Pictures is a DIY film production company.

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Track Name: Andrew Jackson Jihad - Little Prince (El Principito)
Hey everything, fuck you
i hate everything you do to me
i despise every lie i've come to believe
and i hate every evil thing that i see
this juxtaposition of good and bad
remind me of the best and the worst dreams i've had
i'm either to happy or fucking sad
and i can't keep up with that
and my job what a shame
just a mountain of death filling up my brain
i'm always tied to the tracks of the train
desperately afraid of going insane (like my family)
and i' like to take advantage of a flock of wild birds
to make to make my escape from this planet
christ almighty i am thirsty
i'm forever fat and ugly
stumbling bumbling bastard stubbly
faces will always be hungry
and i don't know if i'm capable of helping anyone
i'm at the mercy of emotions of my better friends
Track Name: Big D & the Kid's Table - Little Bitch
1, 2
If you ever hear a noise in the night,
your body starts to sweat.
It shakes and shivers in fright,
you go to sleep with your
mother she hates your guts.
She knows that you love her so she holds you tight
all through the night until the broad daylight.
And when she doesn't come home you gotta sleep alone.
Then you wet your bed and I think that's sad.
For a girl of 19 that's more than sad
It's obscene.

1, 2
Your girlfriend's sweet a little 17.
She's got the layered hair and the flared jeans.
You know what that means?
She's just a little queen.
She shares your London flat.
She thinks that London's where it's at
although it stinks and when it rains you wear your hat
and your plum colored PVC wet look maxi-Mac
You tie your ginger hair back in a bun;
you're the ugliest creature, under the sun.
1, 2 GO!

1, 2

And you think it's about time that you die
and I agree, so you decide on suicide.
You tried, but you never quite carried it off;
you only wanted to die in order to show off.
And if you think you're gonna bleed all over me,
you're even wronger than you'd normally be.
And the only things you want to see are kitsch.
The only thing you want to be is rich.
Your little pink pointed nose begins to twitch
I know you know you're just a little bitch
1, 2
Track Name: Places to Hide - Getting Worse (I Hate Me)
When this winter comes
I'll be lonely that's a fact.
When i'm out with all your friends
I never know how I should act.
And there's some t-shirts in my closet
That make me think of certain days.
And there's records on my shelf
That only spin when you're away.
I've heard it said so many times.
"True love will set you free"
Well it's been twenty something years
And i'm still struggling to breathe.
I'm sorry if it hurts.
God knows that it only gets worse.
I'm talking to myself.
I don't have
Anybody else.

If i get lonely this winter
Would you come and visit me?
This place i'm stuck in now.
It's not where I want to be.
Maybe I should call my mother.
She's always worried about my health.
And i've got this running list
Of things I hate about myself.
Maybe i'll see you again someday.
At my funeral, I hope.
But if I go, i'll go laughing.
Just so everybody knows
That if I die young.
Well at least I had fun.
I'm talking to myself.
I don't have
Anybody else.
Track Name: Frank Turner - Redemption
I was walking home to my house through the snow from the station
When Springsteen came clear in my headphones with a pertinent question
Oh is love really real and can any of us hope for redemption
Or are we are merely biding our time down to the lonely conclusions
Darling let me take your hand as I talk you through this
How loneliness edged into deep seeded psychosis
Lying away in crowded hotel rooms focused on takers
With my feelings laid clear on the ceiling
I don't think I can do this
I don't think I can do this

Well I tried so hard to not turn into my father
If I only ever skip out his choices will I ever choose better
The sad truth is the grass it will always seem greener
So I left you alone in a restaurant in London in winter
You deserved better

Out of trash some might back in my ears
Sound comes clear and brings the awful truth that I can't stand what I've done to you
And it's written clear in my diary today should have been our anniversary
And I'm far way and I'm far apart
And you're back home with a broken heart
And loves is real and I can't escape
I'll only ever have myself to blame

These failures shift and save me in the night
Like a fever I can't break try as I might
Wake me darling I need you to take me home
But I know in the end redemption is mine and mine alone

So if each of us is made of a tally of mistakes and successes
Then the hour in that restaurant makes my score less than impressive
If each can be redeemed with the courage by which he confesses
So darling I miss you, your music and your musk and your kisses
I don't think I can do this
Track Name: Ghost Mice - Fuck Shit Up
you left without saying goodbye but that's okay and I know why.
I think that I would do it the same, when no one looking just slip away.
they took you to the gulf of mexico, they opened the lid and let you go.
I might never see you again, but you'll always be my best friend.

there's still trouble in the streets
you left it there for me
there's still so much left to do
and I won't dishonor you

His world wasn't good enough for us, just two young punks pissed off in love. We'd put that record on and sing tonight, we're gonna fuck shit up!
I still feel the same but that kinda thinking drives you insane
I'd step back and I'd take breaks but you never quit not for a day

there's still trouble in the streets
you left it there for me
there's still magic to be found
and I won't let you down

When I've had all that I can stand please burn this body down to ash
take me to the gulf of mexico open the lid and let me go
save a little bit in a can and strap it to the nose of a touring van
then at last we'll both be free, but please oh please of don't dishonor me
Track Name: Agree to Disagree - Stoop Kid's Afraid to Leave His Stoop
Well I guess that this the beginning of my life

I've stood still for way too long, it's time to stretch my legs out
I'm comfortably naive, just waiting for the world to crush me
And I think about it I have come to realize
That I will rise above all my expectations

My distant future is not clear,
My biggest fear is going nowhere

Fight back the tears and all my fears
Cause nothing's stopping me this year
Things'll get better sooner than later
And we'll keep moving on despite all these dead end streets
No we won't get beat, no we won't get beat

We will face the world with no fear
Cause if we don't, we'll get nowhere
We'll get...

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